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Michael Cundith


Michael Cundith Link to MC Page in Japanese

Michael Cundith in his shaping roomMichael Cundith has 50 years of shaping experience. He and George Greenough were pioneers of modern shortboards, Malibus, mini Malibus, fun guns, concave bottoms, kneeboards, waveskis, "Sail Skee" sailboats and shaping machines. Michael is an innovative watercraft designer who is constantly refining and improving his designs.








by Michael Cundith

If you've never heard of me I will try to tell you about my involvement in surfing that started on an air mat standing up at 12 years old - that's fifty three years - my gosh!

At 13, I got a go on a long board then I started to cut the rails off, peeling the glass to reshape my own board so I could carry it. When I was 16 years old, I was totally involved with surfboard design and have been shaping full time for the rest of my life. In 1967, I started Wilderness Surfboards in Santa Barbara, California and made George Greenough Stubbies. I surfed constantly, for years testing designs and spending a lot of time with Greenough surfing in isolation.

Then I moved to Australia to re-hook up with Bob Cooper, then with Nat Young in Byron at San Juan Surfboards. After that, I worked in Noosa for three years with Kevin Platt. I spent all my time surfing, testing and designed new shapes. Then I moved back to Byron Bay to joined Sky Surfboards. Today, I'm still in that same factory building, only now my business is Byron Bay Surfboards still shaped totally by myself - MC.

My wife and two boys run the business and cater for my clientele. We also export surfboards to Japan, with a full range of designs up to 25 different shapes - Short Boards, Retro, Fish, 7-Ts, Big Guy Boards, Mal's and more - check our website.

I fully enjoy what I'm doing and it's a real challenge with all the different designs on the market today.


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